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Over 15 years experience in the mental health field
As a licensed mental health counselor I will work with you to define your priorities and goals, examine what has interfered in achieving those goals, and strategize how you can more effectively achieve those ambitions.

Counseling is more than an hour of chatting
It's a process that moves a person to change and growth. Information can change and move when exploring how our emotions, beliefs, and behaviors all interact. Having a safe space to explore these aspects with a professional who can provide feedback gives you an opportunity to gain new understanding of problematic patterns that can be changed to new, more effective approaches to life, relationships, and self-confidence.

Online Scheduling

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  • 55 Minute Session $145
  • First Hour Session/Assessment $165
    I am not currently able to take on new clients. You're welcome to contact by phone or email to ask about my waitlist.
  • Couples Session $145
  • 30 Minute Consultation Free
    Counseling is a very personal experience - which means it's helpful to know you'll be comfortable with your counselor. Feel free to schedule an initial session so that we can meet, get some paperwork out of the way. Then, you can decide if you wish to continue. (I do not currently have further availability for Apple Health slots.)



901 Boren Avenue, Suite 701, Seattle, WA, 98104